The Employee Daily Safety Analysis was developed recently by the UTCA Safety Committee to assist personnel of member firms in the recognition of the importance of Safety in the construction industry. Dan Neville, UTCA's director of safety, assisted the committee in the development of this material. We urge company project supervisors and foremen to utilize the Analysis on a daily basis whenever possible. To be most effective, it is suggested that the material be used at the start of a project or new task and then used daily at the beginning and end of each shift as a constant reminder of all the hazards surrounding the task until final completion of the project. Through the use of this construction safety tool, supervisors can help all employees recognize and eliminate potential jobsite hazards. The material can also be a valuable asset in training new employees about safety at a particular project. Dust, animal husbandry, a wave, he looked around, along with those he absorbed to smog, those magic tree turned out to quiet down again, quietly standing in the forest, moving, dust, animal husbandry, however, know that when they re- Expand the fangs, I am afraid this area, and will be more than a lot of dense bones. He shook his head, the convergence of a number of thoughts, that he may not able to unplug the tree where the magic, the magic of these trees are now aware of the strongest means to him already useless, this abandoned, if he drove too hard, When attracted to the magic tree storm chalky moving here, he did not think that could break this piece of dangerous dark forest, so as for the others, or hope for the best - like, you want to treasure, you have to have to pay a heavy price for preparation. His toes that stature is like a wisp of smoke-like Jilue out, then quickly rush deepest forest on the TV drama, in its rear glass Luo Xu shortage, the state forest they are immediately followed. In animal husbandry, dust them quickly rush when facing the deep dark forest, the forest in the other direction, and enter all the teams in this forest are those magic tree suffered attacks, Leighton time heavy casualties, some of the bad teams group is completely off, with dense bones into a forever stay in this forest. Only some powerful strength of the team, just be able to break through a fluke, but also paid a price for all sizes. Even as strong as the Holy Spirit Hospital, Wan Ling Phoenix hospital, Wu Ling hospital that three teams, but also quite embarrassed, they also means a lot, although not as dust, animal husbandry is so overbearing that directly absorbs smog, but but it has some of the poison gas against the spirit is, and that makes them just get depressed and did not pay too dearly. The best approach is to utilize the Analysis to examine the hazards that a work crew may face on a job site on a daily basis and then help everyone focus on specific tasks to be performed on that day. Such conditions may include fall exposures, confined space areas, excavation activities, electrical hazards and operation of machines as well as others. It would be of value for those who will utilize the Analysis to conduct a training program for supervisors in the use of the publication. In turn, your supervisors can use the material to train employees in the use of the Analysis. Such a process will assist in focusing additional attention to jobsite safety. This Analysis does not replace a Project or Job Hazard Analysis or other safety management procedures that should be conducted on an entire project. This material should be incorporated as a daily or weekly tool akin to a daily toolbox talk. The Employee Daily Safety Analysis is available from UTCA in English, Portuguese and Spanish versions to increase utilization. If you need more assistance regarding this material, contact Dan Neville at (732) 292-4300/ dan@utcanj.org.


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