Labor Relations

If you’re a union contractor, UTCA is here to help. Get a leg up in labor negotiations by adding your firm to the collective voice of the industry. As a UTCA member, all you need to do is complete the Construction Contractors Labor Employers of New Jersey (CCLE) authorization form allowing the Association to negotiate with Heavy Highway Labor Unions on your behalf.

Authorization has benefits!

  • CCLE contractors are protected with a “Most Favored Nations” clause that guarantees the best contract provisions – this means independent contracts cannot receive more favorable conditions.
  • CCLE signatories cannot be singled out by a union job action – if work stops on any CCLE firm, it stops on all CCLE signatory firms. Under an independent contract, unions can strike on a single employer while the remaining union members work for other employers.
  • CCLE ensures that your firm is represented on the various Union Fund Boards, and works to limit/eliminate pension fund liability for all signatory firms.


When you authorize CCLE, you not only enjoy the benefits of having a stronger position at the table, but also have ongoing assistance from the Association’s labor relations team. We work tirelessly to help our signatories by:

  • Interpreting contract language
  • Sending reminders for all wage increases, holidays rates, and other labor notices
  • Attending grievance hearings to assist with labor disputes
  • Attending arbitration hearings


Still not convinced? Reach out to Dan Neville with any questions or concerns.

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